Warranty and Returns

We make products that last; if they don’t, we want to hear about it. Contact us as soon as you’re having any issues.

Do NOT dismantle or try to fix your item itself. This will void the warranty entirely. We are here to help, please follow the instructions and we will get you a replacement ASAP, within the 1 year warranty period.

All sales are final, but we are happy to exchange and/or repair your product if there are any manufacturing errors for up to 1 year after purchase. If items are damaged during shipment there is a 10 day window to file a complaint from date of delivery. Provide pictures and a brief description of the issue and send to [email protected]

Terms for exchange for manufacturing defects:

1. Photograph or take a video of the issue or error. This helps us diagnose problems without having to ship back. Write an email detailing the issue. We do not address exchange issues via text or social media. Send the email to: [email protected]
2. In the event of an exchange, package the item(s) carefully, and send it back for review.
3. We will inspect, fix and return the item ASAP!
Note: This policy applies to eCommerce purchases and invoices. Wiped-Film evaporation sales have their own contract terms. Please refer to your specific contract.

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