Temperature Controller

To create quality CBD products, you need quality equipment. At Beaker & Wrench, you’ll find a high-quality temperature controller that allows you to operate properly. If you want to ensure that the process temperatures remain constant, add a PID Temperature Controller to your cart. This piece of equipment uses a specific formula to calculate the difference between current process temperatures and the desired temperatures. Then, you can predict how much power you need for future operations. But the PID Temperature Controller is not the only equipment we offer. At Beaker & Wrench, you’ll also find high-density heat pads, heat tape with thermocouple, and our Crude Cozy. Add a temperature controller to your cart today to ensure that your cannabis production processes run smoothly and efficiently.

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Heat Tape with Thermocouple

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High Density Heat Pad for 20L Flask

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Digital PID Temperature Controller

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Crude Cozy™

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