Solvent Recovery Pumps

Distillation processes require a copious amount of liquids and materials to purify the final product. While you cannot reuse everything, your solvent is recyclable. Enter the solvent vacuum pump. This tool extracts the used solvent post-distillation and reacquires it. These solvent recovery pumps extract hydrocarbon solvents from cannabis oil using diaphragms, variable frequency drive motors, and more.

During the process of solvent recovery, it is imperative to obtain pumps that adhere to C1D1 guidelines and capable of dispensing oil with a high presence of solvent. Beaker & Wrench offers solvent recovery pumps for every application needed. Good manufacturing practice (GMP) is our baseline!

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Chemical Duty Diaphragm Pump

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Explosion Proof Oil Pump

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2GPM Ethanol Recovery Pump for Vacuum

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