Cannabis Filtration Systems

The filtration process of cannabis is one of the most vital parts of purifying this substance. With the right cannabis filtration systems, you can separate waste from terpenes and trichomes, making for a purer, more potent product. From filters to cannabis filtration systems to filtration accessories, we at Beaker & Wrench supply all you could ever need to get the most out of your filtration and extraction processes. Utilize our products to not only maximize your quality but also the quantity of your extract. Shop below for everything you need to carbon wash or dewax your raw cannabis and prepare it for the next steps of distillation! You won’t find a higher-performing system anywhere else on the market.

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Sintered Stainless Filter Frit

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Chemical Duty Diaphragm Pump

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Oil Mist Filter

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Non-Jacketed Filtration

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