• Who is Beaker & Wrench?

    We are Lilibel and Ace, a chemist and a mechanical engineer.

    We live and work in the Los Angeles area. When we aren’t working in the lab, we love to experience the great outdoors! Lilibel loves horticulture and hiking and Ace is an avid water-polo player and kite-boarder.

  • Do you guarantee potency and quality for your wiped-film evaporators?

    We guarantee mechanical hardware will work without issue for at least 1 year. This is a manufacturing defect warranty. Regardless of where the equipment comes from, if you obtain equipment from Beaker & Wrench, it is warrantied by Beaker & Wrench.

    We also guarantee that you will be trained by someone with in-depth knowledge of how these evaporators work specifically with our industries oil.

    That means you have a one-stop shop for your warranty and maintenance needs.

    Due to the unique profiles of each operators oil, we cannot guarantee quality. Pre-processing and source material play a big role in final quality of distillate. Therefore we make no guarantees.

  • Can you PE certify my equipment?

    We only PE certify equipment that is designed by us. Please contact us for your custom design!

    If your licensing authority requires that a licensed engineer visit your facility to inspect a piece of equipment for safety, we can offer that. This will not constitute the same thing as having the Seal of the PE on your equipment. A licensed engineer can visit your facility and ensure the selected equipment is safe for use. This is charged as a flat fee.

    Please check with your fire marshall or licensing authority to clarify.

  • What sets Beaker & Wrench apart from other hardware development firms?

    When it comes to hardware design, Ace has a uniquely diverse background. He has worked on all kinds of projects to include: a race car, the dosing pump, a truck tire-inflater, a breast pump, a sustainable showerhead, and many more.

    From conceptual sketches, mathematical modeling, dynamic analysis using FEA, to complex CAD continuous surface modeling, to operating CNC machining centers, Ace understands and can therefore design for the complete process. This contrasts other firms whose engineers are specialized in only one or two areas resulting in bottlenecks (which we strive to break!) between process steps.

  • I already built a machine, why should I hire a mechanical engineer?

    If you have already built any kind of hardware, thats awesome! While Ace has years of experience designining hardware, he can also do Design Reviews to ensure that your new product is ready to go to market. In addition, if the product is already on the market, he can optimize and refine your idea to improve your customer experience.

    A Design Review would consist of Ace reviewing the CAD or hardware equipment you have. He would then put together a full report, and, if desired, work with you to implement any improvements.

    Contact us today to get started!

  • Can you visit my facility to look for places to optimize for consulting?

    Yes! We charge an hourly rate to visit and look over your facility. At that time, we will look at your overall process and make notes on glaring bottlenecks. After, we can sign a consulting contract and will begin the process of increasing your output and effciency.

    We no longer do free consultations. We find that even over the course of an hour, our advice is invaluable. Call us today to find out how we can help you.

  • Can you design (insert your idea here)?

    The question is not “can they design it,” but, can you afford it?

  • How much does it cost to ____?

    This question does not have an easy answer. Every project is different and requires a different quotation depending on the scope of work required to meet our client’s goals. Please contact us. After that we will quote you based on the outcome of that meeting.

    We won’t lie, product development is expensive. Even though we are a small company, software and technology overhead can go well into the six-figure mark yearly. Add on salaries for experienced, degreed consultants, and our overhead is high. This is one of the many advantages to working with a consulting firm, though, as we handle the capital investment human resources complexities that your company may only need for a few months. This substantially reduces your risk.

Nothing! =(
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