How Do You Choose a Wiped Film Evaporator?

The layout of your cannabis lab requires the use of high-quality equipment. Here is a look at how to choose a wiped film evaporator to complete your setup.

THC vs. CBD: What’s the Difference on a Molecular Level?

Understanding the differences between THC and CBD on a molecular level can improve your ability to provide quality over quantity. Here is a closer look!

Passive vs. Active Solvent Recovery: What’s the Difference?

There are two systems to consider for your operation’s solvent recovery process. Here are the differences between the two to help you decide.

Common Tuning Mistakes With PID Temp Controller

Avoiding some of these highly common tuning mistakes with PID temp controllers can save your operation from taking a loss. Here are a few to know about.

Understanding How the Decarboxylation Process Works

The process of decarbing makes cannabis what consumers know and love. Understanding how decarboxylation works is critical in the success of your operation.

Ways To Make the Decarboxylation Process More Efficient

Your cannabis is subject to few conversion rates and decreased efficacy without the decarboxylation process. Here are a few helpful tips to improve the process.

Benefits of Turnkey Solutions in Cannabis Distillation Labs

There are many steps that take place in a cannabis distillation lab, but a turnkey solution can offer significant benefits, including reduced costs.

Why Temp Control in Cannabis Extraction and Distillation Matters

Lack of proper heat application puts the quality of your product in jeopardy. Here’s why temp control in cannabis extraction and distillation matters.

An Overview of Large-Scale Cannabis Oil Distillation

Cannabis distillation is a lengthy and complex process, so it’s critical to understand how to perform operations. Check out our brief overview below.

The Complete Guide To Starting a Cannabis Extraction Lab

Getting involved in the cannabis industry can bring you success and growth. But without following the necessary steps, your business may fail to thrive.

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