How Do You Choose a Wiped Film Evaporator?

How Do You Choose a Wiped Film Evaporator?

The design of wiped film systems allows for a continuous separation during the distillation process. This separation is critical to an operation’s success because it pulls the volatile compounds from the non-volatile and leaves behind the pure product. If you’re in the market for a reliable and quality equipment setup, we discuss how to choose a wiped film evaporator so you can ensure successful outcomes.

What Is a Wiped Film Evaporator?

Essentially, the wiped film evaporator is the purifier of the operation. It breaks down the compounds through a wiper blade mechanism inside the column by taking liquid states of varying viscosities. With the right combination of heat, time, and pressure, you can degas, oxidate, or trip delicate materials.

Functions To Consider

The transferred heat should only contact the surface for a reduced period. This specification can significantly influence the type and cost of a wiped film evaporator. The key is ensuring a minimal product loss during the separation process, in addition to decreased pollution and equipment deterioration.

How Do You Choose a Wiped Film Evaporator?

In thinking about how to choose a wiped film evaporator, there are various factors to consider. While budget is usually a high priority, other things such as capacity, properties, and media play significant roles. You also should factor in space availability and any legal requirements, and safety is a big issue when space and legalities take a backseat.

The feed material can impact your operation so take into consideration the following:

  • Viscosity
  • Tendencies during formation
  • Heat sensitivity
  • Boiling behaviors

It’s advisable to factor in the electrical demands for adequate heating and cooling. And any pollution or environmental issues to prevent accidents.

What Are the Benefits?

A wiped film evaporator can significantly reduce the degradation of materials because of the retention limits. The fluctuation of heat works with the product to minimize these chances. Additionally, the efficiency of a low-pressure vacuum system can reduce the boiling points and achieve increased thermal efficiencies.

One of the most notable benefits of a wiped film system is the low maintenance because there are minimal vibratory frequencies with low-speed rotors.

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