Tips for Maximizing Your Cannabis Distillation Methods

Tips for Maximizing Your Cannabis Distillation Methods

Extracting and refining cannabis are two critical processes that separate the component molecules. The process of distillation is particularly complex, with a combination of vacuums, proper heat temperatures, and component boiling points. Here are a few tips to maximize your cannabis distillation methods that you can use within the proper protocols.

Utilize Refined and Clean Material

By limiting the number of harmful substances that interact with the distillation process, you can increase product quality and preserve your equipment. Some fatty acids have boiling points that can polymerize, diminishing the product’s purity and increasing equipment maintenance.

Sometimes, isomerization occurs from clarifying agents. To prevent this from happening, refine the extracts before distillation. The refinement process includes scrubbing filtration, winterization, and clarification.

Decarboxylate and Degas

Before the distillation process begins, you can increase your output by decarboxylating and degassing the cannabis extract. The decarb and degas techniques use heat and agitation to convert acidic forms into neutrals and remove any volatiles. The use of both processes assists the vacuum in reducing its load and increasing the number of distilled cannabinoids.

Use a Vacuum System

Cannabinoids have a tendency to degrade before reaching a boiling point, so removing the atmospheric pressures through a vacuum encourages them to boil at reduced temperatures. The vacuum boiling points range between 155 and 160 degrees Celsius. Having a well-designed vacuum system is critical to meet the required heat level to vaporize the cannabinoids and reduce the probability of degradation.

Opt for Short Contact With Heated Surfaces

Utilizing a system that delivers heat in thin layers of oil minimizes the overall heat exposure. Too much heat will degrade and isomerize cannabinoids, but a wiped film system can mitigate the damage—the contact with the heat takes place in seconds rather than hours with one of these systems. Look at our wiped film evaporator for saleto learn more about this process.

If you’re ready to maximize your cannabis distillation methods, reach out to Beaker & Wrench today! We offer superior equipment for all cannabis processes to ensure you’re producing quality products.

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