The Different Types of Pumps Used in Cannabis Oil Refinement

The Different Types of Pumps Used in Cannabis Oil Refinement

To get the highest quality CBD or hemp products, there are various steps you must take, including choosing an appropriate pump system. Regardless of your desired outcome, a vacuum pump is a vital piece of equipment necessary to the operation’s success. Let’s explore the different pumps to assist you in making the best decision.

Chemical Duty Diaphragm Pump (AODD)

A chemical duty diaphragm pump is also known as a positive displacement pump. It requires an air compressor and uses the pressure to produce a back-and-forth motion, which then creates a positive and negative pressure release inside the respective wet chambers.

A specified quantity of liquid fills the chamber underneath the negative pressure and simultaneously forces its way out of the positive chamber. The use of acetone is unnecessary, but nitrogen or natural gas is useable if required.

Explosion Proof Oil Pump

One of the safest pumps used in cannabis oil refinement is the explosion-proof oil pump. The system’s specific design confines certain areas of the pump where vapor could ignite. An ignition could result in an explosion during the transfer of media or surrounding areas.

Though pump heads are not explosive hazards, certain components must meet explosion-proof standards, such as the plug, switch, and motor. These are C1D2 certified to ensure operator safety.

2GPM Ethanol Recovery Pump

Another pump that is C1D2 explosion-proof is the ethanol recovery pump, specifically in the motor and on/off switch. The liquid pulls through the distiller using a vacuum pump, and once the level reaches the propeller system, ethanol vapors evaporate from the solution.

The vapor condenses to a liquid and becomes liquid ethanol. After reaching the desired concentration, the final extract pumps out of the distiller.

Beaker & Wrench has all solvent vacuum pump solutions available. Contact us today to discuss the different pumps used in cannabis oil refinement, and we’ll help you find the most optimal system.

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