NRTL Certification Importance in the Cannabis Industry

NRTL Certification Importance in the Cannabis Industry

NRTL, or the Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory, plays an integral role in the creation and distribution of laboratory equipment. As a facility acknowledged by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the professionals in this sector work to test and certify products for open distribution to businesses around the globe. As such, for certain machines to promote optimal performance and safety, they must first receive the approval of these highly trained scientists and engineers. Read on to learn about NRTL certification importance in the cannabis industry and a few benefits you gain from the certification process.

Local and State Compliance

To begin, cannabis laws differ slightly depending on where your lab operates and what tasks you’re performing there. As such, the NRTL certification exists to provide a consistent set of safety and operational standards among several regions. Becoming certified ensures that your equipment remains compliant with these regulations, saving you from additional fines and penalties from OSHA. This also helps you avoid more stringent operational guidelines in the future since you’re using trusted machines.

Insurance Coverage

Using equipment that’s NRTL certified in your cannabis lab also guarantees you’re financially protected in the event of an accident. When working with uncertified lab devices, it’s much more difficult to determine whether your insurance agency will cover you if your devices malfunction. But by using NRTL certified machines, insurance professionals feel more comfortable providing compensation for their replacement. As such, you aren’t without options in the months that follow an incident.

Proper Safety Training

Since each NRTL certified machine is carefully tested during the approval process, they also come with clear operational and safety guidelines. This keeps users informed of the proper ways to run these pieces of equipment and how to best maintain their personal safety while doing so. This way, no one is left wondering what actions to take, and the probability of lab accidents decreases exponentially.

Equipment Performance

The NRTL certification importance in the cannabis industry is especially clear when you consider what it means for a device’s performance quality. Along with testing for safety, the certification process also ensures that the device serves its intended purpose in an efficient way. As such, in purchasing a machine with the NRTL seal of approval, you know you’re getting a high-performing and reliable addition to your cannabis lab.

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