5 Reasons Decarboxylating Cannabis Is Important

5 Reasons Decarboxylating Cannabis Is Important

The decarboxylation process, otherwise known as decarb, is an essential part of converting raw cannabis into a consumable form. By heating this substance, cannabis labs can remove the carboxyl group from its formula and craft a safer, more effective product.

But this isn’t all there is to it. In fact, there are several other reasons why decarboxylating cannabis is important. Here’s why you should always make this process the core of your lab’s practices.

Generation of THC and CBD

THC and CBD are the two active ingredients in all cannabis products, but neither are inherently present when the plant is in its base form. Instead, cannabis contains a chemical called THCA, which converts into THC through the decarb process. Exposure to the right amount of heat also converts other cannabinoid acids into CBD, which is what gives these formulas their effect on the body when consumed.

Removes Pathogens

Decarb also makes a better product by removing potentially harmful pathogens from the plant’s chemical makeup. Pathogens can still affect these crops well after their harvesting period and appear in the formula once the cannabis breaks down. So by exposing your buds to decarboxylation, you can rest assured that the process has eliminated any potential risks to the crops.

Raises Effectiveness

In addition to drawing out THC and CBD materials, decarb can also improve products’ potency and effectiveness once consumed. This is because the process activates the cannabinoids and increases their reactiveness to certain areas of the brain and body. As a result, you’ll need smaller amounts of cannabis to achieve the desired effect in a consumer.

Offers a Wider Range of Applications

Another noteworthy reason why decarboxylating cannabis is important is its ability to expand the material’s range of applications. Because this process makes THC and CBD more effective, it can generate different results in the body, depending on the quantity consumed. Some products calm and soothe the mind, while others act as effective sleep-inducers or pain-management treatments. Each of these options is a result of decarb.

Increases Product Diversity

More refined effects enables the development of several different types of products, depending on consumers’ needs. For instance, edibles and smokables require individuals to consume the cannabis in varying ways. However, it’s due to decarboxylation that either method achieves the desired results. Through this process, the cannabis industry can innovate and grow in new ways.

Decarb is vital, but you can’t perform this process with just any piece of equipment. At Beaker & Wrench, we’ve worked hard to develop some of the most reliable lab machines in the industry. Our cannabis decarboxylation equipment performs the complete decarb process in hours, making manufacturing much more efficient. We’ll also install this system for you to ensure that everything operates as needed.

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